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Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast - Episode 31 (July 11, 2022)

July 11, 2022 Episode 31
Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast
Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast - Episode 31 (July 11, 2022)
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Welcome to episode 31 of Daftaboutcraft!

Sit back with a beer in the sunshine and listen to us talking about what we've been up to recently, including Dave D's visit to the Craft Theory Festival where he had a great time, tried plenty of craft beers and also met James, owner, head brewer, and everything else at the wonderful Wilderness Brewery in Newtown, Powys. He was delighted to find out James is a fan of the pod and agreed to have a chat with us about his endeavours in the craft scene. The result is a superb interview which features on this episode.

We also present the latest in our One Hop Wonders series where this time we shine the spotlight on the simcoe hop by sampling four different beers and finding out the many ways in which the hop can be used.

Add into the mix our regular features of Brew To Me - with appearances from new players Moot Brew Co and Otherworld Brewing - Tried & Tested where we reveal out favourite beer since our last episode, plus Hype Or Tripe and it's another packed episode and a real must for craft beer fans across the land!

Daftaboutcraft is produced by us two guys, called Dave. We're massive fans of the craft beer scene and we release a new episode every three weeks. We are proudly sponsored by Haul! Beer and we team up with them for our Drink Along With Us feature on every second episode.

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Brew To Me - sampling beers from Moot Brew Co and Otherworld Brewing
Interview with James Godman of Wilderness Brewing in Powys, Mid Wales
Tried & Tested - the beers we've most enjoyed drinking since our previous episode, featuring Dolphin Brewery and Three Blind Mice Brewery
One Hop Wonders - focus on the simcoe hop
Hype Or Tripe - we shine the spotlight on a Big Fish Little Fish, a triple IPA from Cloudwater and Tide & Time