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Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast - Episode 32 (August 1, 2022)

August 01, 2022 Episode 32
Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast
Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast - Episode 32 (August 1, 2022)
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The heatwave may have finished for now, but our latest episode is red hot and full to the brim!

Andy from Dolphin Brewery joins us and makes Dave D very happy as he gives us the lowdown on his sours and why he has been called the sour king of Berkshire! And Dave B is pretty impressed too!

Wild Beer are exploring the world of thiols, and thanks to their latest beer, you can too! Don't miss a very informative and interesting feature from head brewer Sam Shrimpton and co-founder Brett Ellis.

If that wasn't enough, we launch a new feature, The Brewer's Wife. We are keen to get as many voices heard in craft beer as possible, and Sam from Copper Beech Brew Co explains what it's like being married to a craft brewer.

Tiny Rebel's tipa take on Clwb Tropica gets the Hype or Tripe treatment, plus beers from Bullhouse Brew Co of Belfast and Inner Bay Brewery from Inverkeithing star in Brew To Me. All this and more in the latest episode of Daftaboutcraft, the craft beer podcast!

Daftaboutcraft is produced by us two guys, called Dave. We're massive fans of the craft beer scene and we release a new episode every three weeks. Read more in Feed Spot's top 30 craft beer podcasts, which you can see here. Check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too!

Brew To Me: Dave B and Dave D try a beer from a brewery they haven't sampled before. Featuring Bullhouse Brew Co and Inner Bay Brewery
Interview with Andy from Dolphin Brewery in Reading
Tried & Tested: our favourite beers since the previous episode
A look at thiols in beer with Sam and Brett from Wild Beer Co in Bristol
The Brewer's Wife: Sam Lawson from Copper Beech Brew Co in Kidderminster shares her experiences of life as the wife of a craft beer brewer
Hype Or Tripe: we see if a popular beer lives up to the hype. This time we feature Triple Tropica from Tiny Rebel